Activities & Workshops

Surfing Day Trip
Both the Spring and Summer program offer a surf day to Surf n Culture Surf School in Herzliya.This day is optional and will cost extra.
Campers will have an opportunity to develop their social skills as well as the necessary skills of strength, balance and hand eye coordination during instructed tennis lessons. Each group will consist of 6-12 campers who will share a similar level of English and age.
Each swimming class will be grouped according to swimming level and English ability. A fully qualified swimming instructor will address the individual needs of each child as well as equipping them with the necessary water skills that can increase water safety. Campers will have a swimming lesson everyday and all groups will be supervised by an additional adult.
Arts and Crafts
Campers will have the chance to explore different areas of art, from sketching and painting to working with recycled materials.
optional (please enquire for more details)
Science Club will give campers the skills to ask the right questions, solve problems and open their eyes to the wonders of discovery.
Boot Camp
bootcamp will provide a variety of child- friendly outdoor games to build team work,develop social interactions and get the heart racing!
Story Time
optional (please enquire for more details)
optional (please enquire for more details)
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"At Camp Kfar we are committed to providing a safe and stimulating space for children to put aside the strains of school and furthermore to confidently and independently use the English language in a non pressured environment."


optional (please enquire for more details)