Camp Kfar provides your child a unique opportunity to experience a wide variety of exciting activities in the quiet and spacious surroundings of kfar Shemaryahu’s Country Club. 


What we offer and how the children will benefit:


We offer creative and untraditional methods that will expose your child to the English language through a variety of activities and workshops brought by a specialized team of individuals.


Campers will use their team building skills during bootcamp team games and follow instructions in English during Tennis and Swimming lessons.


They will be exposed to cultural and creative activities such as previous workshops of Origami, African mask making and movement and dance. 


Who is the camp available to:


The Camp is available to children between the age of 4 and 13, all levels of English welcome, and is comprised of a dynamic program of indoor and outdoor activities. They will also have a chance to freely enjoy other facilities the country club has to provide during breakfast and lunch times. 


Our philosophy:


  "At Camp Kfar we are committed to providing a safe and stimulating space for children to put aside the strains of school and furthermore to confidently and independently use the English language in a non pressured environment."