"Hello my name is Hayley Gandz and I am the Camp Program Director at Camp Kfar. I am an elementary school teacher from London, England, currently based in Tel aviv, with an absolute passion for educating children." 







What I currently do:

I currently Provide high quality out-of-school programs for children to develop their English Language skills, whether it be through private teaching, group teaching or Day Camps, as well as teaching English in King Solomon's bi lingual school in Kfar ha Yarok.






My hopes and dreams...

I hope to continue building a network of like-minded educators who share my vision in creating positive and stimulating English programs for children. My dream is for Camp Kfar to be a welcoming place where children have exposure to the English language in various contexts without pressure and without exams but with a freedom that allows every child to have fun with the language, regardless of level!


Summer Camp 2018 now open for registration, click on this link to take you straight to the  registration page.